ICR Touch Pocket Touch

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. Our revolutionary hand-held software solution has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries

Faster Service
Customer Satisfaction
Queue Busting
Inform the kitchen
Reduce Mistakes
Informed Staff
Increased Revenue
Multi Level Floor Plan

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Graphical Table Plan
Staff can easily identify and open the correct table. Supports multiple floor levels, with optional by seat ordering.

Live Table Plan
Lets waiting staff see the status of any table at a glance.

Custom Table Text
Custom table text can be used for easy identification of guests.

Colour Match
Product button colours match TouchPoint to help when swapping between the till and handheld.

Gestures For Quick Item Amendment
Quickly ‘add one’ or remove a product by swiping the item in the sale window.

Kitchen And Bar Printing
Sends the order straight to the kitchen or bar, saving time and staff spend more time with the customers.

Order Numbers
Enter tab order number (instead of tables).

Auto Open Floorplan
To minimise key presses PocketTouch can be configured to open the floorplan as soon as the clerk signs on.

Fix Floorplan To Area
Devices used in a specific seating area can be set to open the floorplan at the corresponding level.

Prints The Bill From The Table
Print the bill from PocketTouch at the table or any seating area.

Preset & Custom Messages
Preset messages can help staff quickly add additional instructions or important allergy info to an order. Create custom messages on-the-fly for less common requests.

Stock Levels
PocketTouch will notify waiting staff of low stock items, so that the order can be resolved first time, at the table.

Prompt Staff With Choice Options
The PocketTouch can auto prompt staff with meal options or with prompts to upsell during the sale.

Hardware Compatibility
Compatible with iOS, Windows or Android devices.